• perimental & Documentary Cinema: The Visible Spectrum - Program #1: "Madeline Anderson: I Am Somebody"

    Tue Sept 4 @ 7pm, Rubenstein Arts Center film theater

    Experimental & Documentary Cinema: The Visible Spectrum
       Program 1: "Madeline Anderson: I Am Somebody"

    -- w/ curators Chi-hui Yang and Jon-Sesrie Goff in attendance

With screenings based primarily in the Rubenstein Arts Center's 100-seat film theater, Screen/Society provides a film and video exhibition program for the Triangle community, with an emphasis on screening challenging and thought-provoking work in the best available format, whether it be archival 35mm, DCP,  16mm, or digital/video.  Organized and coordinated by the Arts of the Moving Image Program's Hank Okazaki and Jason Sudak, Screen/Society advances the academic study of film at Duke. It works with Arts and Sciences Departments to relate film, video, and digital art to other disciplines. Screen/Society emphasizes the historical nature of media technologies and media cultures and brings a transnational and transcultural perspective to the promotion of media literacy. All screenings are free and open to the public.