Gary Hawkins

Gary Hawkins

Lecturing Fellow of Documentary Studies

External Address: 
1317 West Pettigrew St., Durham, NC 27705
Internal Office Address: 
Box 93382, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3663

Education & Training

  • M.F.A., Vermont College 2015

  • A.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1981

Rain, Train, Mother, Son . Director. (2019)


Short, experimental loop featuring a troubadour poem from the 13th century.

BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON PROJECT (working title) . Director, Producer, Writer. (2019)


Ongoing prose treatments and screen-written sequences about the Blind Willie Johnson song, DARK WAS THE NIGHT, and its eventual inclusion on the Voyager 1 probe. Categories include speculative non-fiction and historical fiction.

Land of Unlikeness . Director, Writer. (2018)


A free adaptation of the Jim Harrison novella, THE LAND OF UNLIKENESS.

Love Not the World. Director, Writer. (2017)

The Accidental Man . Director, Writer. (2017)


Short dramatic narrative.

Zombies Are Real. Director, Writer. (2016)


Short, non-fiction film for the Department of Cultural Anthropology about the origins of the zombie myth in Haiti.

Me and You . Director, Writer. (2015)

Zero Irony . Director, Writer. (2015)

In My Mind . Director, Writer. (2010)

The Rough South of Larry Brown . Director, Writer. (2001)


Partitas In One. Director, Writer. (2017)

ZONA ROSA. Writer. (2019)


Pilot, pitch and bible for a 4-year cable series.

Sunrise Matinee. Writer. (2014)

Pony League . Writer. (2013)

Joe . Writer. (2013)

E. Chow . Writer. (2004)

Downtime . Writer. (2000)