Gary Hawkins

Gary Hawkins

Lecturing Fellow of Documentary Studies

External Address: 
1317 West Pettigrew St., Durham, NC 27705
Internal Office Address: 
Box 93382, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3663

Education & Training

  • M.F.A., Vermont College 2015

  • A.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1981

Rain, Train, Mother, Son . Director. (2019)


Short, experimental loop featuring a troubadour poem from the 13th century.

BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON PROJECT (working title) . Director, Producer, Writer. (2019)


Ongoing prose treatments and screen-written sequences about the Blind Willie Johnson song, DARK WAS THE NIGHT, and its eventual inclusion on the Voyager 1 probe. Categories include speculative non-fiction and historical fiction.

Land of Unlikeness . Director, Writer. (2018)


A free adaptation of the Jim Harrison novella, THE LAND OF UNLIKENESS.

Love Not the World. Director, Writer. (2017)

The Accidental Man . Director, Writer. (2017)


Short dramatic narrative.

Zombies Are Real: The Haitian and American Realities Behind the Myth. Director, Writer. (2016)


Short, non-fiction film for the Department of Cultural Anthropology about the origins of the zombie myth in Haiti. Zombies are real. In Haiti, zonbi are ensorcelled people or spirits exhumed from the grave. The zombie first appeared in US American books and films during the US occupation of Haiti (1915-1934), drawing its inspiration from the exaggerated reports of US Marines. But the zombie has now become a billion-dollar entertainment industry.

Me and You . Director, Writer. (2015)

Zero Irony . Director, Writer. (2015)

In My Mind . Director, Writer. (2010)

The Rough South of Larry Brown . Director, Writer. (2001)


Partitas In One. Director, Writer. (2017)

ZONA ROSA. Writer. (2019)


Pilot, pitch and bible for a 4-year cable series.

Sunrise Matinee. Writer. (2014)

Pony League . Writer. (2013)

Joe . Writer. (2013)

E. Chow . Writer. (2004)

Downtime . Writer. (2000)