Screen/Society--"Duet for Cannibals" (1969) | Susan Sontag

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 7:00pm

Film Screening: "Duet for Cannibals" (Susan Sontag, 1969, 105 min, Sweden, Swedish w/ subtitles, B&W, DCP) Essayist, novelist, critic, cinephile, and all-around intellectual dynamo Sontag made her directorial debut with this definition-defying, dryly funny psychological serio-comedy. The story, involving an arrogant ex-revolutionist German exile, his elegant wife, their Swedish student secretary, and the earnest secretary's bride-to-be, is a roundelay of partner-swapping which gradually drifts towards gamesmanship that broaches the surreal and violent. View trailer:

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Rubenstein Arts Center, Film Theater

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