Screen/Society--18 at 18: Nathaniel Dorsky at Duke--Program 3

Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Screen/Society--18 at 18: Nathaniel Dorsky at Duke--Program 3

Film Screening:

18 at 18: Nathaniel Dorsky at Duke (Program 3)

-- Filmmaker in attendance

The Duke University Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts program welcomes visiting artist Nathaniel Dorsky to Duke and Durham in the spring semester of 2018 for four nights of films, February 2-5. The program, entitled 18 at 18, features 18 films from the filmmaker, screened at silent speed, 18 frames per second.

Films to be screened:

(Nathaniel Dorsky, 2016, 26 min, USA, Silent, Color, 16mm)
photographed during the last months of the drought year, 2015, is a stately, but intimate, seasonal tome, a celebration of the poignancy and mystery of our later years.

(Nathaniel Dorsky, 2014, 16.5 min, USA, Silent, Color, 16mm)
 was photographed during the first weeks of early spring in San Francisco. For me there is a haunted sense of restlessness in its form, some desire for a new freedom, a fresh sense of cinema. It feels to me to be the conclusion of an exploration that began with Triste, some 20 films earlier. What will follow, I do not know.

(Nathaniel Dorsky, 2015, 18 min, USA, Silent, Color, 16mm)
How delicately the light imbues our fleeting life.

The Dreamer
(Nathaniel Dorsky, 2016, 19 min, USA, Silent, Color, 16mm)
This year our mid-summer’s night was adorned with a glorious full moon. The weeks and days preceding the solstice were magically alive with crisp, cool breezes, bright, warm sunlight, and a general sense of heartbreaking clarity. The Dreamer is born out of this most poignant San Francisco spring.

Sponsors: the Duke University MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts, the Vice Provost for the Arts, the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image (AMI), and the Center for Documentary Studies.

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If sold-out, please note that there will be a stand-by line at the venue each evening for attendees without ticket reservations. Once all ticketed patrons have been seated, those in the stand-by line will be afforded any vacant seats on first-come-first served basis!

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Rubenstein Arts Center, Film Theater