**EVENT CANCELED!!** --> Screen/Society--AMI Showcase--"The Manhattan Front"

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:45pm
The Manhattan Front (2017)


Film Screening:

The Manhattan Front
(Cathy Lee Crane, 2017, 85 min, USA, in English and Spanish w/ English subtitles, Color/BW, DCP)

Women, anarchists, and spies shape the fantastically true story of how America entered WWI. In Cathy Lee Crane's film, a young girl conjures this story from the lines of a chalk circle. Once upon a time, in 1915, a German saboteur arrived to Manhattan to interrupt the export of American munitions to Britain. He soon found a collaborator in a wayward stevedore who unwittingly led him to a group of labor anarchists, led by legendary activist Elisabeth Gurley Flynn. Sabotage soon turned these bedfellows into agents of the other's tragic end. ­
The film’s visual style of staged live action material is designed as if it were the playing ground of a child’s dollhouse. The film could be said to be the story of the First World War as told by a little girl playing. Any one of its female protagonists could later become anyone’s great-grandmother. Continuing her unique aesthetic that combines staged and archival material, this film furthers Crane’s investigation into the manner by which fact and fiction unmask each other; an ongoing inquiry into hidden histories held in the archive.

Read director Cathy Lee Crane's interview in Filmmaker Magazine: “In the Master’s Narrative, We Don’t Hear the Stories of the Oppressed, the Disenfranchised, of Women”: Director Cathy Lee Crane on Her SF Indiefest Premiere, The Manhattan Front

Official website: http://www.themanhattanfront.com