Motion Graphics in Film and Video

An advanced post-production course designed to explore the history, theory, and practice of motion graphics techniques in film and video. Students produce digital motion sequences out of still images and create multiple motion paths through exposure to applications such as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, iMovie. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/Digital 109S. Consent of instructor required. One course.

Moving Image Practice

Film and digital video production in conjunction with the history and theory of these technologies. Students may produce work in 8mm, 16mm film and digital video and learn the basics of non-linear digital editing on Final Cut Pro. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/ Digital 100S. One course.

Animated Film: A History and Aesthetic

Evolution of animation from the philosophical “toys” of the late eighteenth century to the major international entertainment form of today. Special focus on American animation as it evolved from inspired individuals like Emile Cohl and Winsor McCay to a full-blown industrial model allowing for the creation of the animated feature and contemporary special effects. One course.