Number Title Crosslistings Curriculum Codes
AMI89S First-Year Seminar
AMI101 Introduction to the Arts of the Moving Image VMS102, ARTSVIS102, ISS111, LIT111 ALP
AMI190 Special Topics in Film Studies
AMI190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Film and Video
AMI190S Special Topics in Film Studies
AMI198 Experimental Interface Design ARTSVIS198, ISS198 ALP, STS
AMI199 LGBTQ/Queer Cinema and Cultural Production LIT199, VMS199, WOMENST198 ALP, SS
AMI201 Introduction to Film Studies THEATRST278, ENGLISH181, LIT110, VMS289, DOCST264, PJMS ALP
AMI202 History of Documentary Film DOCST107, VMS265 ALP, CCI
AMI203 Film Theory LIT317, VMS298, WOMENST ALP, STS
AMI204S Media Theory LIT317, ISS214S, VMS328S STS
AMI205 Contemporary Documentary Film: Filmmakers and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival DOCST270, POLSCI276, PUBPOL374, VMS264, Arts & Sciences IDEAS Themes and University Course 206 ALP, CCI, STS
AMI205K Contemporary Documentary Film DOCST270K ALP, CCI, STS
AMI206S The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Films AMES201S, JEWISHST206S, ICS202S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI207 Cultural History of the Televisual VMS345, ISS283, PJMS ALP, CZ, STS
AMI208S The Silent Film: An Introduction GERMAN268S, LIT208S, VMS214S ALP, CCI
AMI209 Film Noir GERMAN270, LIT223, VMS282 ALP, CCI, EI
AMI209S Film Noir GERMAN270S, LIT223S, VMS282S ALP, CCI, EI
AMI210 Film Genres LIT220, VMS267 ALP
AMI211 American Film Comedy ENGLISH382, LIT221, VMS268 ALP
AMI212 American Dreams, American Movies ENGLISH288, THEATRST272, VMS355 ALP
AMI213 Melodrama East and West AMES211 , WOMENST279, VMS223 ALP, CCI
AMI214S Documenting Black Experiences DOCST350S, AAAS225S, CULANTH262S, PUBPOL387S , ICS368S ALP, CCI
AMI215 Animated Film: A History and Aesthetic ARTSVIS328, ISS211 ALP, STS
AMI215S Discourse of Disease and Infection AMES409S, ICS404S, VMS238S ALP, CCI, CZ, STS
AMI216 Women in Film WOMENST227, LIT219, SXL225 ALP, CCI
AMI217SA The Economics of Art (The Chicago Scene) THEATRST217SA, VMS221SA, DANCE279SA, MUSIC217SA, I&E217SA, MMS ALP, CCI
AMI220S Sexualities in Film and Video (DS4) LIT2315S, VMS295S ALP
AMI224S Ready for Prime Time: Writing The Dramatic TV Episode THEATRST285S , ENGLISH224S ALP, W
AMI225SL Revolution on Screen: Filming Conflict in the Middle East AMES281SL, VMS225SL, ICS338SL ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI229S Space-Body-Image WOMENST229S, VMS226S, LIT229S ALP, CCI
AMI230S Sound, Music, and the Moving Image MUSIC129S, ICS ALP, CCI, CZ, W
AMI236 Graphic Asia: Visual Storytelling and Global Asian/American Networks AMES236, ICS264 ALP, CCI
AMI240S Around the Bloc: Cold War Culture in the USSR and Eastern Europe SES240S, LIT241S, CULANTH259S CCI, CZ, EI, SS
AMI246S Social Movements and Social Media LIT320S, AAAS247S, ICS320S, LATAMER320S, ISS323S, VMS323S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, STS
AMI247S Political Economies of the Global Image LIT335S , WOMENST249S, CULANTH217S, VMS248S ALP, CCI, SS, STS
AMI248 Movies of the World/The World of Movies LIT313, GERMAN363 , RUSSIAN384, Islamic Studies ALP, CCI, STS
AMI249S States of Exile and Accented Cinemas LIT314S, Islamic Studies, LATAMER ALP, CCI, EI, SS
AMI250 Modern Chinese Cinema AMES431 , LIT214, VMS235 ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI250FS Alien America: Immigrant Experiences in Literature and Film SES250FS, LIT250FS ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI252 German Film GERMAN264, VMS280, AMI ALP, CZ
AMI252D German Film GERMAN264D, VMS280D ALP, CZ
AMI252S German Film GERMAN441S, VMS276S ALP, FL
AMI253 Indian Cinema AMES251, LIT211, VMS231 ALP, CCI, CZ, R
AMI254 Italian Cinema ITALIAN380, LIT215, VMS308, THEATRST276 ALP, CCI
AMI255 Japanese Cinema AMES261, LIT213, VMS232 ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI256 World of Korean Cinema AMES471, LIT212, VMS234, CULANTH255 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI257 Contemporary Israeli Cinema AMES241, LIT217, JEWISHST241, WOMENST214, Islamic Studies ALP, CCI, EI, W
AMI260 Anime: Origins, Forms, Mutations AMES361 ALP, CCI
AMI261 World War II and French Film FRENCH413, HISTORY295, VMS310 CCI, CZ, EI, FL
AMI262 Yesterday’s Classics/Today’s Movies FRENCH415, VMS312 ALP, CCI, FL
AMI263 Screening the Holocaust: Jews, WWII, and World Cinema AMES341, JEWISHST266, ICS341 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI263S Screening the Holocaust: Jews, WWII, and World Cinema AMES341S, JEWISHST266S, LIT263S, DOCST ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI264 Russian Revolutionary Cinema HISTORY281, RUSSIAN381, Marxism and Society CCI, CZ
AMI265 Art and Dissidence: The Films of Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Kurosawa, and Lynch RUSSIAN382, VMS322, ICS382, AMI ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI266S Poetic Cinema AMES311S, VMS354S, ICS311S ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI267 Existentialist Cinema GERMAN386, THEATRST372, LIT218, VMS283 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, STS
AMI268 Chinese Im/migration: Chinese Migrant Labor and Immigration to the U.S. AMES409 ALP, CCI, EI, SS
AMI268S Trauma and Nostalgia: East European Film in the 21st Century SES288S, LIT216S , ICS288S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI270 Traffic in Women: Cultural Perspectives on Prostitution in Modern China AMES333 , CULANTH334, WOMENST233, SXL233 ALP, CCI, SS
AMI271 Classics of Page and Screen: Exploring the Iconic in Literature and Film CLST206 ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI272 The Middle East Through Film AMES218, VMS273, CULANTH273, POLSCI273, DOCST274 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI273 Religion and Film RELIGION268, DOCST268, AMI, DOCST, Ethics Elective ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI280AS Studies in the United States Culture Industries LIT290AS-1
AMI281S Graphic Design in Motion VMS281S
AMI283A Introduction to Global Los Angeles: An Interdisciplinary Survey VMS359A, LIT230A, DOCST359A, I&E359A, DOCST274 ALP
AMI286 German History Through Film GERMAN286, HISTORY255, LIT286 ALP, CZ, EI
AMI287S Indigenous Journeys in South Asian Film and Literature ALP, CCI
AMI288K American Dreams, American Movies ENGLISH288K, VMS255K ALP
AMI290 Special Topics in Film Studies
AMI290S Special Topics in Film Studies
AMI295A Arts, Film, or Media Practicum
AMI296S Arts Entrepreneurship MUSIC295S, I&E295S, DANCE201S, THEATRST312S, DOCST295S
AMI297SA Writing the Hollywood Cyber Journal ISS224AS ALP
AMI298S Revealing Histories: Polish Cinema POLISH298S, VMS297S, LIT298S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI301S Moving Image Practice THEATRST370S, VMS261S, ISS ALP, STS
AMI302 Hashtags Memes, Digital Tribes LIT302, WOMENST320, VMS324, AMES302, ISS302, Arts & Sciences IDEAS Themes and University Course 303 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, STS
AMI302S Transforming Fiction for Stage and Screen THEATRST282S, ENGLISH227S ALP, W
AMI302SA Transforming Fiction for Stage and Screen THEATRST282SA, ENGLISH272SA ALP, W
AMI305S Screenwriting THEATRST273S, ENGLISH317S ALP, W
AMI306S Writing the Movie. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Writing for the Screen ENGLISH225S ALP, W
AMI307S Theory Today: Introduction to the Study of Literature LIT301S , AMES301S, CULANTH303S, WOMENST301S ALP
AMI308 History of Photography, 1839 to the Present VMS303 , DOCST303, ICS352, AMI ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI310S Acting for the Camera THEATRST275S ALP
AMI312S Documentary Video Production Workshop DOCST312S, ARTSVIS312S, VMS313S ALP
AMI315S Environmental Issues & the Documentary Arts DOCST315S, ENVIRON315S, VMS309S ALP
AMI318S American Independent Cinema LIT318S, ENGLISH389S, THEATRST373S, VMS332S ALP, CCI
AMI320S Film Animation Production ARTSVIS326S, VMS271S, ISS ALP
AMI321LS Virtual Form and Space ARTSVIS208LS, ISS208LS
AMI322S Motion Graphics in Film and Video VMS272S, ARTSVIS236S ALP, STS
AMI323 Interactive Graphics: Critical Code ARTSVIS242L, ISS294L, PJMS ALP, QS
AMI325 Fundamentals of Web-Based Multimedia Communications ISS240, VMS288, PJMS ALP, QS, R
AMI325A Fundamentals of Web-Based Multimedia Communications ISS240A, VMS288A ALP, QS, R
AMI325L Fundamentals of Web-Based Multimedia Communications ISS240L, VMS288L ALP, QS, R
AMI331S The Documentary Experience: A Video Approach DOCST105S, CULANTH106S, HISTORY125S, POLSCI105S, PUBPOL170S, VMS106S, PJMS ALP, R, SS
AMI331S Serial Fictions: The Art of “To Be Continued” AMES331S ALP, CCI
AMI334S Producing Docu-Fiction ARTSVIS340S, DOCST278S ALP
AMI335S Public Policy Video DOCST271S, PUBPOL375S ALP, CCI, SS
AMI336S Documentary and Policy: How Documentary Influences Policy DOCST272S, PUBPOL228S, I&E272S ALP
AMI337 Chinatowns: A Cultural History AMES335, HISTORY228, ICS336 ALP, CCI, CZ, R
AMI338S Storyworlds: The Art, Technology, and Pleasure of Narrative AMES332S, ICS333S ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI339 El cine político en américa Latina SPANISH339, LATAMER327, LIT339 ALP, CCI, CZ, FL
AMI340S Experimental Filmmaking ARTSVIS229S ALP
AMI342S Islamic Media AMES329S, RELIGION379S, ICS331S, VMS342S ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI343S Dance for the Camera DANCE306S, DOCST242S ALP, R, STS
AMI344S Death and the Emergence of the Modern Self AMES340S, JEWISHST340S ALP, CCI, EI, SS
AMI350S Sound for Film and Video DOCST277S, MUSIC121S, ISS243S ALP, STS
AMI351 Representing the Artist in Film and Popular Culture VMS343 ALP
AMI352S Time, Space and Film VMS363S ALP, R, STS
AMI355S Cinematography VMS260S, DOCST281S, ARTSVIS248S ALP
AMI356S 16mm Film Production DOCST357S, VMS362S, ARTSVIS356S ALP
AMI357S Editing for Film and Video ISS248S, DOCST288S ALP
AMI358S Electronic Music and Video Workshop MUSIC275S, ARTSVIS258S ALP, STS
AMI359S A First Look at the History, Theory and Practice of Storytelling using Steroscopic Motion Pictures ISS359S, VMS360S, ARTSVIS359S ALP
AMI365S The Documentary Turn: Southern Culture DOCST365S, VMS3565S ALP, CZ, EI, W
AMI370S Matters of Life and Death ARTSVIS370S, DOCST280S ALP, CCI
AMI372 Kafka and Cinema GERMAN372, LIT377, JEWISHST372 ALP, CCI, STS
AMI380S Playmaking: Collaboration From Page To Stage THEATRST380S, ENGLISH316S ALP, W
AMI385 Visiting Filmmaker Master Course: Special Topics DOCST285 ALP
AMI385S Visiting Filmmaker Master Courses: Special Topics DOCST285S, ARTSVIS325S ALP
AMI386 Mafia at the Movies ITALIAN385, LIT385, VMS385, THEATRST375 ALP, CCI
AMI390 Special Topics in Arts of the Moving Image
AMI390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Topics in Film and Video
AMI390S Special Topics in Film and Digital Video Production ISS
AMI395 Internship
AMI415S Interethnic Intimacies: Production and Consumption AMES415S , LIT415S, CULANTH415S, VMS416S, ICS415S, WOMENST415S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI425S Surrealism: Aesthetics and Politics FRENCH425S, VMS425S ALP, FL, R
AMI439 Queer China AMES439 , CULANTH439, LIT439, VMS439 , WOMENST439 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI450S Advanced Narrative Production ARTSVIS450S ALP
AMI470S Advanced Documentary Filmmaking DOCST470S, PUBPOL383S, VMS470S, ISS
AMI490S Special Topics In Arts of the Moving Image
AMI491 Individual Project
AMI491-1 Individual Project
AMI499S Capstone Course in Arts of the Moving Image
AMI515S Interethnic Intimacies: Production and Consumption AMES515S, LIT515S, VMS515S, ICS515S, WOMENST505S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI540S Memory and Documentary Cinema in Latin America ROMST540S, DOCST540S, LIT544S, LATAMER540S ALP, CCI
AMI561 Anime: Origins, Forms, Mutations AMES561 ALP, CCI
AMI575S Generative Media Authorship – Music, Text & Image ARTSVIS575S, ISS575S, MUSIC575S
AMI610S Basic Concepts in Cinema Studies LIT610S ALP
AMI614S Thinking Digital Cinema LIT614S, THEATRST671S, VMS614S ALP, STS
AMI615S The #Selfie LIT615S , VMS615S, WOMENST615S, ICS615S CZ, EI, R, STS
AMI620S Film-philosophers / Film-makers LIT620S, VMS622S, THEATRST620S, ENGLISH620S, DOCST620S ALP, CZ, STS
AMI622S (Neosentience) Body as Electrochemical Computer ARTSVIS510S, ISS666S ALP, NS, R, STS
AMI630 The Ongoing Moment: Presentations of Time in Still and Moving Images ARTSVIS630 ALP, R
AMI631S Phenomenology and Media LIT630S, ARTHIST630S, ISS630S, VMS630S ALP, CCI, CZ, R, STS
AMI632 Modern Chinese Cinema AMES631, LIT632, VMS632 CZ, R
AMI632S Whitehead, Bergson, James LIT632S, ISS632S, ARTHIST632S, VMS632S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI633S Seminar on Modern Chinese Cinema AMES631S, LIT631S, VMS631S CZ, R
AMI634S Producing Docu-Fiction ALP
AMI635S 16mm Film Production ALP
AMI640S Literary Guide to Italy ITALIAN586S, LIT542S, GERMAN586S ALP, CCI, CZ
AMI641 Documentary and East Asian Cultures AMES511, DOCST511, ICS513 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI642 Citizen Godard FRENCH510, VMS552, LIT510 ALP, CCI, W
AMI644S Third Cinema LIT613S, AAAS530S, ICS613S, LATAMER613S ALP, CCI, EI, SS, STS
AMI650S Black Camera: Still and Moving Images ARTHIST650S, AAAS531S, DOCST ALP, CCI
AMI685S Visiting Filmmaker Master Course: Special Topics ALP
AMI690 Special Topics In Arts of the Moving Image
AMI690S Special Topics In Arts of the Moving Image
AMI691 Independent Study