Fall 2020

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
AMI 198 EXPERIMENTAL INTERFACE DESIGN Class explores issues surrounding embodied approaches to interface design. Articulates methodology... Seaman, William
AMI 218FS DOCUMENTING THE MIDDLE EAST Studies the documentary record of the Middle East in photography, film, and oral history. From... Kalow, Nancy
AMI 224S WRITING THE TV DRAMA SERIES Some of the best dramatic writing today can now be found on television. This class will focus on... Bell, Neal
AMI 246S SOCIAL MOVEMENTS/SOCIAL MEDIA Examines uses and abuses of social media by social movements. Interested in a broader historical... Mottahedeh, Negar
AMI 253 INDIAN CINEMA Sources of vitality in twentieth-century Indian cinema. The resilience of popular cinema in the... Khanna, Satendra
AMI 269 GLOBAL CHINESE CITIES Modern Chinese cities in and beyond China, particularly as represented in literature and film.... Rojas, Carlos
AMI 271 CLASSICS OF PAGE AND SCREEN Exploration of ancient, medieval and modern conceptualizations of good and evil as found in the... Janan, Micaela
AMI 274 SCREENING COLD WAR ESPIONAGE When the Cold War erupted in the wake of World War II, filmmakers were poised to screen it as... Holmgren, Beth
AMI 277 THE DRAMATIC MONSTER The evolving image of the "monster" on stage and screen, from the Victorian melodrama Sweeny Todd... Bell, Neal
AMI 281S MOTION DESIGN Motion Design is the creation of animated graphics using graphic design, typography, advertising,... Salvatella De Prada, Raquel
AMI 315S ENVIRON. ISSUES & THE DOC ARTS Survey how filmmakers, authors, photographers, and other artists have brought environmental issues... Rojas Sotelo, Miguel
AMI 331S DOC EXPER: A VIDEO APPR A survey of the forms that seriality has taken: from Arabian Nights and Journey to the West, to... Hawkins, Gary
AMI 337 CHINATOWNS: A CULTURAL HISTORY Explores the intersection of space and ethnicity through the myriad ways Chinatown has circulated... Chow, Eileen
AMI 338S STORYWORLDS Is "tell me a story" an universal imperative? Seminar examines storytelling practices across a... Chow, Eileen
AMI 343S DANCE FOR THE CAMERA The choreographic and bodily experience essential to dance for the camera. Hands on experience in... Valdés, Andrea
AMI 352S TIME, SPACE AND FILM Exploration of temporal transformation, spatial articulation and subjectivity in the moving image.... Gibson, Joshua
AMI 356S 16MM FILM PRODUCTION Hands-on experience with 16mm motion picture film and photography. In-depth exploration of the... Gibson, Joshua
AMI 366S VIDEO JOURNALISM Theories and concepts of television broadcasting; writing and editing for electronic media; issues... Owens, Lynn
AMI 410S TRAUMA IN ASIA Space and Trauma across Asia. Introduces theoretical framework of "trauma discourse;" examines how... Kwon, Nayoung
AMI 416S UNDERSTANDING MEDIATION Examines experience as always mediated. How does text mediate expression, or language mediate... Hadjioannou, Markos
AMI 540S MEMORY/DOC CINEMA LATIN AMER Course focuses on work of several leading Latin American filmmakers from Brazil, Chile, Argentina,... Furtado, Gustavo
AMI 632 NATIONAL CINEMAS Films, documentaries, television series, and soap operas produced in mainland China in the post-Mao... Hong, Guo-Juin
AMI 642 CITIZEN GODARD This course explores the complex interactions of poetics and politics in the films of Jean-Luc... Saliot, Anne-Gaelle
AMI 850S DELEUZE: CINEMA & PHILOSOPHY Examination of Gilles Deleuze s books: CINEMA 1 and CINEMA 2. Exploration of his concepts of the... Hadjioannou, Markos
AMI 89S FIRST YEAR SEMINAR (TOP) Topics vary each semester offered. Instructor: Staff McAuliffe, Jody