AMI FIlmcraft Workshop Series

New for the Spring 2019 semester, the AMI Filmcraft Workshop Series gives students the opportunity to develop hard skills and advance their ability in practical areas of filmmaking, and includes topics in cinematography, editing, post-production, and sound.

These workshops are open to the Duke community, with no sign-up, registration or previous experience required.  


In the new Arts of the Moving Image Studio, room 232 in the Rubenstein Arts Center.


Sessions run Tuesdays and Fridays from 3pm to 6pm in January and February, with additional sessions on Saturdays.  Note: be sure to check the calendar below before and on the day of the workshop for any last-minute changes! You can also find the AMI Filmcraft Camera Guides below.

Spring 2019 Workshops by subject
Rubenstein Arts Center 232

Camera Systems and Camera Operation
A look at modern camera systems and the art and craft of camera operating for motion picture photography.  - Tuesday, January 15th, 3pm-6pm, Saturday, January 19th, 11am-2pm, and Friday, January 25th, 3pm-6pm

Camera Support and Movement
Hands-on with the machinery and techniques of camera movement. - Friday, January 18th, 3pm-6pm, Tuesday, January 22nd

Location Sound Recording
On the machinery and techniques of location sound recording. - Saturday, January 26th, 1pm-4pm, Tuesday, January 29th, Friday, February 8th, 3pm-6pm

Film Lighting 1 - Fixtures and Gripping
Introducing the requisite skills and equipment of cinema lighting. - Friday, February 1st, 3pm-6pm, Tuesday, February 5th, 3pm-6pm

Film Lighting 2 - Strategy and Techniques
Demonstration and hands-on with the practical, on-set techniques of cinematic lighting. - Friday, February 15th, 3pm-6pm,Tuesday, February 19th, 3pm-6pm

Editing and Post-Production Tools
A mad rush through the complications of modern post-production workflow. - Tuesday, February 12th, 3pm-6pm, Friday, February 22nd, 3pm-6pm


Camera Guides

Sony FS5 Sony A7SII Sony A6500 Sony A6300 BMPCC Panasonic DVX200 Canon 80D Canon 60D Canon 7D


Steve Milligan