The Arts of the Moving Image program provides students with the opportunity to study, analyze and produce works in film, photography, television and digital media. Courses are taught in both film studies and production.

Courses offered in film, video and digital studies include introduction to film, documentary film, film history, genre study, avant-garde filmmaking, national cinemas and new media.

Through production courses, students can gain expertise in a wide range of technologies, from analog film production and cell animation to digital new media production, motion graphics and 3-D animation. Our emphasis on teaching older analog technologies such as celluloid film production alongside with newer digital technologies is intended to foster an understanding of the historical trajectory of the cinema, just as it anticipates and helps shape the digital future.

Students also have the opportunity to gain professional experience in related industries through internships and through the Duke in Los Angeles Program.

Finally, we believe that there is a need for film studies (and in the general interest of promoting media literacy and cultural literacy) to supplement coursework and class screenings with a strong film and video exhibition program that makes available a range of historical and new works in a variety of genres and modes (narrative, documentary, experimental/avant-garde), from different national traditions.