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The Arts of the Moving Image Program offers lecture courses, seminars, and hands-on production courses as well as opportunities to do individual projects or internships for course credit with permission of an faculty member.

Undergraduate students enrolled at Duke University may obtain the AMI Certificate in conjunction with their major and their minor or other certificate. This certificate fosters a critical understanding of the history, theory and technologies of motion picture and new media arts, while giving students the opportunities, tools and resources needed to develop a career within the media industries, pursue graduate study in the field, or become a media artist.

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Featured Videos

  • "Arthur, Meet Ruth" trailer by Cole Russing
  • "When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl" by Jim Haverkamp
  • "Cairo in One Breath" (trailer) by Anna Kipervaser
  • "Lake Eden" by Lisa McCarty
  • AMI 2017 Reel
  • AMI 2015 Reel
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