Screen/Society provides a film and video exhibition program for the Triangle community, with an emphasis on screening challenging and thought-provoking work in its original format, whether 35mm, digital/video, or 16mm. Organized and coordinated by the Arts of the Moving Image Program's Hank Okazaki, Screen/Society advances the academic study of film at Duke. It works with Arts and Sciences Departments to relate film, video, and digital art to other disciplines. Screen/Society emphasizes the historical nature of media technologies and media cultures and brings a transnational and transcultural perspective to the promotion of media literacy.

Screen/Society provides an opportunity for departments, programs, and centers to host film series (or individual screening events). These series may be related to courses, research or broad themes of interest.

Sponsor a Screen/Society Series or Event

Are you part of a Duke University department, group or organization and would like to hold a movie event? Let us work with you and handle the details! Screen/Society gladly works with groups to arrange bookings, organize logistics, and help promote your activity.

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