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Production Equipment for Course Work

Students enrolled in AMI classes and individual projects have access to AMI production equipment. Use of equipment by persons not currently enrolled in AMI classes or for projects that are not part of AMI course work is not permitted.

Students not enrolled in AMI Production courses make check out a wide range of video gear from The Link at Perkins Library.

Equipment Cage

The AMI equipment cage is located in room A121 of Bay 12 of Smith Warehouse. Students enrolled in AMI classes and individual projects may check out and return equipment during the cage's regular hours. Checkouts are for 24 - 48 hours.

Fall semester 2014 cage hours

M-F 12:00 - 3:00 pm

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Students enrolled in AMI classes and individual projects have access to production equipment, including:

  • Canon Vixia G20 HD cameras
  • Canon (7D, 60D) and Panasonic (Lumix GH2) DSLRs
  • Panasonic HVX-200 HD cameras
  • Canon HV20 HDV cameras
  • Sync and non-sync sound 16mm film cameras
  • Zoom H4N sound recorders
  • Directional and wireless microphones for various applications
  • Lighting equipment: hard and soft light kits, fresnels and an HMI
  • Grip and camera support equipment including fluid head tripods, a doorway dolly and track, a jib and various camera mounts.

Production workshops for courses are frequently conducted in the Duke Recording Studios in the basement of the Bryan Center.

Post-Production Facilities

Students enrolled in AMI classes have access to the AMI editing facilities in Smith Warehouse Bay 12. These include a 12 station computer lab and individual digital editing project studios with Apple iMacs running Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere CS6, including After Effects and Photoshop. One edit suite contains 16mm bench stations and a 16mm flatbed editor. 

Other Editing Facilities on Campus

Equipment tutorials 

 Canon Vixia HG20 tutorial

 H4n Zoom audio recorder tutorial

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