Screen/Society--Nasher Film Series--"Big Fish"

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:15pm
Screen/Society--Nasher Film Series--"Big Fish"

Film Screening in conjunction with the exhibition, All Matterings of Mind: Transcendent Imagery from the Contemporary Collection, at the Nasher Museum of Art:

Big Fish

(Tim Burton, 2003, 125 min, USA, in English, Color, Digital)

When Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) becomes ill, his son, William (Billy Crudup), travels to be with him. William has a strained relationship with Edward because his father has always told exaggerated stories about his life, and William thinks he's never really told the truth. Even on his deathbed, Edward recounts fantastical anecdotes. When William, who is a journalist, starts to investigate his father's tales, he begins to understand the man and his penchant for storytelling.

-- Oscar Nomination for Best Original Score, 6 BAFTA Awards nominations and 4 Golden Globe Awards nominations (2004)!

"A compelling look at the relationships between fathers and sons, and the child coming to terms with the parent's mortality." - Paul Clinton, CNN

Cost: Free and open to the public.

Sponsors: Nasher Museum of Art, and the Program in the Arts of Moving Image (AMI).

Nasher Museum of Art