Equipment Policies & Procedures

  1. Equipment may only be used by students in AMI courses for course projects.
  2. Equipment must be checked out and returned during regular cage hours (Fall 17 hours: M-F 12–3 pm)
  3. Failure to return equipment on time will result in loss of checkout privileges.
  4. Equipment may be checked out for 24-48 hours . Equipment checked out on Thursday is due back on Friday.  Equipment checked out on Friday is due Monday. 
  5. Equipment must be stored in a secure location. Theft due to unsecured handling will be the responsibility of the student.
  6. Damage caused by gross neglect will be the student’s responsibility.
  7. Please notify cage personnel if you notice any problems with equipment while it’s in your care.
  8. Equipment may be used anywhere in the Triangle. Travel outside of the Triangle is prohibited without authorization from AMI instructor.

Questions? Contact AMI Equipment Manager Jim Haverkamp