The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Cinemas

Carlos Rojas and Eileen Cheng-yin Chow (Editors)

What does it mean for a cinematic work to be "Chinese"? Does it refer specifically to a work's subject, or does it also reflect considerations of language, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, or political orientation? Such questions make any single approach to a vast field like "Chinese cinema" difficult at best. This handbook situates the term more broadly among various different phases, genres, and distinct national configurations, while taking care to address the consequences of grouping together so many disparate histories under a single banner.

Offering both a platform for cross-disciplinary dialogue and a mapping of Chinese cinema as an expanded field, the volume presents essays by leading researchers and scholars intent on yielding new insights and new analyses using three different methodologies – historical periodizations, taxonomical formalities, and structural elements that comprise a work's production, distribution, and reception to reveal the broader cinematic apparatuses within which these works are positioned. Taken together, the multipronged approach supports a wider platform beyond the geopolitical and linguistic limitations in existing scholarship.