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List of Production Courses 

Fall 2013

AMI 101 – Introduction to the Arts of the Moving Image

Course Description: Examination of critical concepts in arts of the moving image from various perspectives. Spanning both traditional cinema and emergent fields. Emphasis on technology in relation to history and viewership. Exercises in film and digital production as well as theoretical writing. Instructor: David Gatten

AMI 281S - Motion Design

Course Description: Motion Design is the creation of animated graphics using graphic design, typography, advertising, photography, animation sound and filmmaking. Emphasis will be on design, conceptualization and ability to communicate ideas and work collaboratively. Learn language and principles of graphic design by developing a method for solving design problems, communicating ideas effectively, and creating professional motion design such as title credits, logo animation, and news reel that can be integrated into film, life performance or web. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, video editing and 3D software will be used. Instructor consent required. Instructor: Salvatella de Prada.

AMI 290S – Special Topics in Film Studies

Course Description: Seminar version of Arts of the Moving Image 290. Instructor: Staff. 

AMI 301S – Moving Image Practice

Course Description: Film and digital video production in conjunction with the history and theory of these technologies. Students may produce work in 8mm, 16mm film and digital video and learn the basics of non-linear digital editing on Final Cut Pro. Instructor: Josh Gibson. 

AMI 305S – Screenwriting

Course Description: Advanced writing projects for feature film. Study of existing scripts and videos, application of techniques. Instructor: Neal Bell

AMI 306S – Screenwriting

Course Description: Theory and practice of the process of writing for the screen. Exploration of visual storytelling; analysis of screenplays and movies; developing original stories into screenplay format. Projects: writing and presenting treatments, outlines and scenes, and the first 60 pages of a feature script. Weekly writing. Instructor: Elisabeth Benfey. 

AMI 320S - Film Animation Production

Course Description: Experimentation with various media; mastering animation techniques such as metamorphosis, timing, articulation, storytelling, sound design, special effects, and camera. Each student to produce a one-minute animated film on the Oxberry 16mm film animation stand. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/Digital 102S. Instructor: Staff

AMI 325L – Virtual Form and Space

Course Description: Studio course that explores various applications of virtual environments and specific 3D modeling techniques. Introduction to animation principles. Screenings, discussions, and lab. Instructor: Staff

AMI 325L – Web-Based Multimedia Communications

Course Description: Laboratory version of Information Science and Information Studies 240. Multimedia information systems, including presentation media, hypermedia, graphics, animation, sound, video, and integrated authoring techniques; underlying technologies that make them possible. Practice in the design innovation, programming, and assessment of web-based digital multimedia information systems. Intended for students in non-technical disciplines. Engineering or Computer Science students should take Engineering 206 or Computer Science 408. Instructor: Richard Lucic or Victoria Szabo

AMI 331S – The Documentary Experience: A Video Approach

Course Description: A documentary approach to the study of local communities through video production projects assigned by the course instructor. Working closely with these groups, students explore issues or topics of concern to the community. Students complete an edited video as their final project. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/Digital 105S. Instructor: Gary Hawkins

AMI 335S – Video for Social Change

Course Description: Documentary film course focusing on the production of advocacy videos for social change. Covers methods and traditions of community organizing, introduces knowledge and skill sets needed to make effective videos for grassroots organizations, and explores how video is integrated into organizing strategies to achieve better results. Includes instructor-supervised fieldwork with community partner organization; student groups will research, write, direct, and produce a class video for a campaign to improve educational and economic opportunities in Durham's low-income communities. Instructor: Bruce Orenstein

AMI 340S - Experimental Filmmaking

Course Description: The history of avant-garde in film and video combined with production exercises. Instructor: Kaul Shambhavi. 

AMI 357.01 – Editing for Film and Video

Course Description:
Theory and practice of film and video editing techniques. Exploration of traditional film cutting as well as digital non-linear editing. Exercises in narrative, documentary and experimental approaches to structuring moving image materials. Instructor: Shambhavi Kaul

AMI 350S – Sound for Film and Video 

Course Description: Topics focusing on technical basis and aesthetic motivation of sound recording and sound exploitation. Technical demonstration and student exercises explore the mechanics and dramatic and psychological implications of formats, microphone placement, mixing, acoustic signature, digital recording, double system, and sound editing, leading to an individually produced sound design for live action or animation film/video. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/Digital 103S. Instructor: Staff

AMI 356S – 16mm Film Production

Course Description: Hands-on experience with 16mm motion picture film and photography. In-depth exploration of the techniques and aesthetics of film production, including basic screen writing, lighting, story telling, and editing. Each student will produce an individual 16mm film. Instructor: Josh Gibson.

AMI 357S - Editing for Film and Video

Course Description: Theory and practice of film and video editing techniques. Exploration of traditional film cutting as well as digital non-linear editing. Exercises in narrative, documentary and experimental approaches to structuring moving image materials. Instructor: James Haverkamp. 

AMI 385S -- Visiting Filmmaker Master Course

Course Description: Intensive production courses with visiting filmmaker. Topics vary by semester. May be taken twice. Instructor: Bill Brown

AMI 499S -- AMI Capstone

Course Description: Culminating seminar for Arts of the Moving Image Program certificate students. Designed to allow students to complete their certificate with a finished project or advanced research in the field. Instructor: David Gatten.

For other AMI courses, consult our listing in the 2012-13 Undergraduate Bulletin.


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