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Certificate Requirements

6 courses required including a Gateway course (either AMI 101, AMI 201, or AMI 301), one studies course (AMI courses number 201 to 299), one production course (AMI courses numbered 301 to 399), and the AMI capstone course (AMI 499). Students may take no more than three courses originating in a single department or program, other than those originating in AMI. Go to the University Registrar's office in Smith Warehouse Bay 9 (second floor) to sign up for the AMI Certificate.

All AMI certificate candidates ARE REQUIRED to take at least one AMI production course before taking the required AMI Capstone Course.

Courses taken at other institutions may apply toward the AMI Certificate.  For approval, submit the course syllabus to the AMI office along with the transfer credit form.

An AMI course is originated by the AMI Program or if not, it is designated with an AMI number as a hard cross-list. 

How to sign up:

Students may major in any discipline and sign up for the AMI Certificate.  In ACES, select the "Long range plan - Major Declaration" link and follow instructions.

Trinity's changing a major/minor information link

The Director or DUS will be happy to answer your questions about the program. 

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